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  • Københavns Kommune arbejder for fair forhold i København
The City of Copenhagen works for fair pay and conditions for you and your workplace

In the City of Copenhagen, we want to make sure that everybody who does work for us has proper pay and working conditions: We need to ensure fair conditions in Copenhagen to keep competition fair for everybody.

Download leaflet on how the City of Copenhagen works to ensure fair conditions here

How can you tell if you and your colleagues are working under fair conditions?

It can be difficult to determine whether the conditions at your workplace are fair, so here are a few guidelines:

  • Employees’ pay, working hours and working conditions must (as a minimum) comply with the minimum wage and conditions stipulated in the most common collective agreement in your industry. These conditions apply even if your employer has not signed the agreement.
  • All employees must have an employment contract and must be informed of their pay and working conditions within four weeks after starting on the job.
  • All employees must have valid residence and work permits.
  • If you are uncertain about which pay and working conditions apply in your industry, please contact the relevant trade unions.

What can you do as an employee?

If you see (or personally experience) pay or working conditions that do not seem proper, you can contact the City of Copenhagen about it.

Please call the taskforce on our Fair Conditions Hotline on 7731 1010 or send an email to This is the best way to ensure fair conditions for you and your colleagues.

What does the City of Copenhagen do to ensure fair competition?

  1. The City of Copenhagen has introduced a work clause in all contracts for building, facility and other services. According to this clause, all our suppliers and their subsuppliers must give their workers proper pay and working conditions.
  2. We are also creating an external social dumping taskforce.

The taskforce will check the pay and working conditions of the city’s suppliers – this means at your workplace.  This will enable us to ensure that all our suppliers compete on equal and fair terms. The taskforce can also help you understand your rights as an employee and tell you where you can find more information. The taskforce will be headed by Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S and they will begin visiting workplaces in October 2014.

If your workplace is in violation of the work clause, the City of Copenhagen will start by establishing a dialogue with your employer to give them a chance to put things in order. If conditions do not change, your employer may be fined and ultimately their contract with the City of Copenhagen may be cancelled.


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